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It's Vera

For all your knitting and crochet tools.

All bespoke items in this shop are handcrafted, in Ontario, Canada, 

by Vera Tempelmans Plat

All Vera's art and prints are original and/or downloadable.

The unique 1-3 loop knitting rings and crochet rings are all MY ORIGINAL designs. Each ring is 100% handmade in my Ontario, Canada studio.
These unique rings help you get more consistent stitches with better tension enabling you to knit and crochet with ease and comfort.  The ring helps keep the yarn in place on your finger avoiding finger fatigue and grooves from hours of crafting.   


I handcraft, custom make, every KNITTING RING and CROCHET RING for you. The rings can be used on your left or right hand.


I use only vintage silver trays, repurposed copper and mostly reclaimed sterling silver to make these knitting, crochet rings.

"Best Gifts for Knitters"

in Good Housekeeping Magazine

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Visit my Etsy shop for other handcrafted jewellery shopping.

CURRENCY is Canadian (C$)
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