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All items are designed and handcrafted
by Vera Tempelmans Plat.


Vera designs and handcrafts unique contemporary jewellery and custom makes knitting/crochet rings.

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About the Original Knitting Rings
and Crochet Rings Collection

 The unique knitting and crochet rings are Vera's signature items. More than a decade ago, Vera designed and created the Original Knitting Ring, a knitting/crochet tool for beginners and experienced crafters. Since then many people have found Vera's knitting/crochet rings help with consistent yarn tension, more even stitches by keeping yarn in place and less finger strain. Since creating the first rings, Vera has improved the designs and now offers the rings in a variety of different metals and finishes.  Each ring is custom made and handcrafted for you by Vera.

More people have discovered the therapeutic qualities of  knitting and crocheting and how helpful these rings are with their craft.


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